2 unit 6 room full house design with costing

2 unit house design for two brother . you can make it any city.

2 unit 6 room full house design with costing

2 unit 6 room full house design with costing 

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I am Engineer Abdul Quader.
 All the information I need to know before starting the design is firstly what is the current condition of the soil, old soil or new soil fill. If there is water in the vicinity and assume that you will give a two-story foundation on your land. But in the next two to five years, there is a possibility that the land owner next to you will build a house with a 5-story foundation, in which case you need to plan ahead so that your house does not suffer any damage. This is very important to know.
 And if you need a soil test, soil test means soil testing, we don't test soil but we can introduce you to someone who does if you don't know one.